MILWAUKEE -- Reds first baseman Joey Votto continued last week to take small steps towards possibly getting back to playing prior to regular season. On Saturday, Votto was slated to take underhand flicks while hitting in an in house cage.

It's viewed as a small, nevertheless necessary, progression as Votto operates his back from a distal anxiety of the left quadriceps containing had him on the handicapped list since July 8.

"Getting in there, it's the first time I'll get to work in the cage having [hitting coaches] Don Long and Lee Tinsley. That's the final step before batting practice on the field,In Votto said.

Votto, who is traveling on the highway for the first time since he took the DL for the next time with the quad injury, ended up hitting off a tee in addition to taking ground balls within the past several days without issue.

"I definitely feel like I've made remarkable progress," Votto said.

There are a couple of weeks remaining in the regular season, and the Reds are drawing near elimination from contending, however the club is still looking for Votto to produce incremental progress toward enjoying. Hitting flips is one a lot more step in intensity that Votto wears his leg.

"It's day-to-day, station-to-station," Reds manager Bryan Price said. "Everything he has been been doing has been enhanced effort from when he will take ground balls, moving laterally side-to-side, the running -- it's just a further development."

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DETROIT -- Former Royals second baseman Bob Getz stopped by the clubhouse to convey hello to his past teammates on Tuesday afternoon. He lives in nearby Grosse Pointe, Mich.

Getz retired as a person earlier this season. He started 4 seasons with Triple-A Buffalo, surfaced having Toronto for 10 games, and then decided to pack the item in at age 30 right after being designated for work.

"I kind of foresaw a future of a wide range of up, down and around and, at this point of the career, I talked to my wife among others about what I wanted to do in the foreseeable future after baseball," Getz explained. "And I just finished up college, we should look into phase two -- post-playing softball -- and let's get started. Thus I've been looking into all different companies and I'm excited for what's up next."

Getz finished up his sports business degree online with the University of Michigan.

"I don't know if I'll necessarily be utilizing that degree, yet I'll be looking into a lot of things -- auto, medical, some sports mindset stuff along with possibly keeping the game in some facet,Inches he said. "But I'm just sort of learning everything I can concerning everything and taking advantage of the time."

Right currently, he's in waiting. The wife Nicky, who last year would be a competitor in the TV show "The Amazing Race," was resulting from deliver their first child on Monday. But infant didn't cooperate.

"I'm on call today," he said.

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KANSAS CITY -- Giants manager Bruce Bochy affirmed Tuesday that right-hander Jake Peavy has been set to make his scheduled start in Game 6 around the world Series today against the Overland park Royals (4:30 g.m. PT air time period on FOX, 5:'07 p.m. first frequency) despite bruising the flash on his pitching hand.

According to a USA Today survey, Peavy reached for a foul soccer ball hit into the Giants' dugout with his right-hand during Game 3 this past Friday in San Francisco. The report said that the ball struck Peavy's thumb, bent the item backward and tore off of skin.

Gm 5Oct. 26  SF 5, KC 0Gm 6Oct. 28  KC 10, SF 0Gm 7Oct. 29  SF A few, KC 2

Bochy said that Peavy tested his thumb by throwing on multiple occasions after being harmed, most recently during Monday's off-day workout at Kauffman Stadium.

"He threw fine,Inches Bochy said. "There are no issues. Seriously, if we thought there were any issues, he wouldn't start off."

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MESA, Ariz. -- Cubs manager John Renteria named Jeff Samardzija as the Opening Day starter Friday, and the right-hander will begin the season on 03 31 against the Pirates.

This will likely be Samardzija's second consecutive Opening Time assignment. He also started in the The year 2013 opener, which also was resistant to the Pirates at PNC Park. The particular right-hander beat the Bucs, giving up a couple of hits and striking out and about nine over eight scoreless innings in a very 3-1 Cubs win.

Ryan Dempster was the newest Cubs pitcher to start sequential Opening Days, doing so inside 2011-12.

"Jeff will take the nod,In Renteria said Friday. "Everybody's looking forward to him taking the hill against Pittsburgh."

Left-hander Travis Wood will follow Samardzija. Both pitchers reached 190 innings last season for the first time in their careers. Samardzija finished 8-13, while Wooden was 9-12.

"We'll go Woody [in the 2nd game] and keep working on the rest,In . Renteria said of his rotation. "[Edwin Jackson] should follow, and everyone will follow in line."

The Cubs are still sorting out the rest of the turning, with Jason Hammel, Chris Rusin, Jake Arrieta, James McDonald and Carlos Villanueva in the combination.

Renteria said it wasn't a tough selection to name Samardzija.

"Jeff's done it before and set in a very strong year, because Woody did," Renteria stated. "I think the decision was quite easy for all of us."

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The D-backs continued filling out their baseball operations department Thursday by simply hiring Bryan Minniti as assistant general manager and Mike Russell as exclusive assistant to senior vp of baseball operations.

Minniti expended the previous five seasons while using Nationals assisting GM Scott Rizzo. Minniti specialized in rules compliance, transactions, budgeting and contract negotiations on prices.

Before joining the Nationals, Minniti put in nine seasons in the Pirates' football operations department, rising towards the position of director of baseball operations.

Russell had been a person in the Tigers' Major League trying to find staff since 2002, mainly responsible for scouting National Little league East teams and people.

Recently inducted into the Professional Baseball Scouts Hallway of Fame, Russell got his start as an area inspector for the Giants in '88. He also has worked for the Azure Jays and Marlins during his long profession, and four of the teams they worked for reached the World Line.

The D-backs' baseball operations department possesses undergone a significant overhaul during the last year, beginning in May while Tony La Russa was appointed to the newly created position involving chief baseball officer.

GM Kevin Systems saw his duties shifted and eventually left the organization having Dave Stewart being hired to restore him and De Jon Watson referred to as senior vice president of softball operations. bm%20(49).html bm%20(50).html bm%20(51).html bm%20(52).html bm%20(53).html bm%20(54).html cancadiens%20(1).html cancadiens%20(2).html cancadiens%20(3).html cancadiens%20(4).html cancadiens%20(5).html cancadiens%20(6).html cancadiens%20(7).html cancadiens%20(8).html cancadiens%20(11).html cancadiens%20(12).html cancadiens%20(13).html cancadiens%20(14).html cancadiens%20(15).html cancadiens%20(16).html cancadiens%20(17).html cancadiens%20(18).html cancadiens%20(21).html cancadiens%20(22).html cancadiens%20(23).html cancadiens%20(24).html cancadiens%20(25).html cancadiens%20(26).html cancadiens%20(27).html cancadiens%20(28).html cancadiens%20(29).html cancadiens%20(30).html cancadiens%20(31).html cancadiens%20(32).html cancadiens%20(33).html cancadiens%20(34).html cancadiens%20(35).html cancadiens%20(36).html cancadiens%20(37).html cancadiens%20(38).html

NEW YORK -- The Astros used Jose Veras to shut out Wednesday's 5-2 win over the Yankees because Chad Qualls was dealing with a rigid lower back, and Qualls said Thurs he was likely want to another day to get healthy.

Qualls explained his back had been a tiny tight for the past week, but he really felt that grab him while tossing a pitch to Brett Gardner in the ninth inning Tuesday.

"Fortunately, I was able to find through that at-bat and get the last out," he said. "It's done it the past couple of years, once or twice a year, and it is usually a day-to-day thing and nothing also major. We're doing treatment options on it, and we'll simply just keep seeing how it feels each day."

Qualls didn't tell the team he wasn't available to frequency Thursday, but he suggested another day of rest could complete him some good.

"That's what I could hope for," he said. "Veras does a great job last night, our bullpen continues to be throwing the ball properly, and I take pride in being able to make ball for the majority of my profession whenever possible, so when little things similar to this pop up, I don't like not being available.

"I've only been on this DL one time when I blew the knee out [in 2009]. It's definitely not a DL thing. My partner and i take pride in being available every day, and so i don't like being day to day. I like taking the ball. It's just frustrating. It pop ups here and there, however honestly it's not that major of a deal."

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CHICAGO -- Heavy rain and the hazard of severe thunderstorms throughout Monday night caused the delayed start time and a postponement less than 30 minutes once the originally scheduled first toss, forcing the White Sox in addition to Angels into a straight doubleheader on Tuesday.

Game 1 will start at 2:10 p.m. PT, using Game 2 to follow Half-hour after the opener's conclusion.

Angels right-hander Garrett Richards will are at odds of White Sox right-hander Hector Noesi in Game Just one, with both starters simply getting moved back at some point, and Angels righty Jered Weaver will oppose White colored Sox righty Scott Carroll in Game 2, because originally scheduled.

Tyler Skaggs, who has been in the disabled list since July 10 with a strained correct hamstring, will be activated to begin Wednesday's series finale, giving this Angels a six-man rotation that is today necessary because of the doubleheader and because they do not have another day off till the All-Star break, which begins September 14.

That means Hector Santiago and Matthew Shoemaker will both remain in this rotation at least one more time with the order.

"On the back side is to need to absorb [a doubleheader], like when you need to bring another starter into the mix," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. "I think we're Okay there, because we've had Shoe and Santiago getting begins. So we should be able to absorb it on the back end, and that's as important as anything." caps%20(21).html caps%20(22).html caps%20(23).html caps%20(24).html caps%20(25).html caps%20(26).html caps%20(27).html caps%20(28).html caps%20(29).html caps%20(30).html caps%20(31).html caps%20(32).html caps%20(33).html caps%20(34).html caps%20(35).html caps%20(36).html caps%20(37).html caps%20(38).html caps%20(39).html caps%20(40).html caps%20(41).html caps%20(42).html caps%20(43).html caps%20(44).html caps%20(45).html caps%20(46).html

PHOENIX -- As expected, the A's optioned top pitching prospect Erina Ynoa to Class A State-of-the-art Stockton on Monday, observing an end to the 22-year-old right-hander's spring inside the Major League camp.

Ynoa made two Cactus League shows and although he allowed 3 runs on five hits along with three walks over three innings, manager Bob Melvin came aside impressed with the youngster's natural talent.

"The stuff is electrical, I told him which," Melvin said. "It's all about him or her being healthy, getting a entire season in and putting strikes. If he can try this, there's no reason this guy should not pitch in the big leagues sometime. That's how good his / her stuff is."

Ynoa, signed into a then-record $4.25 million bonus through the A's at the age of 16, provides faced many challenges in the first few seasons of expert baseball. Elbow issues ultimately causing Tommy John surgery limited your pet to just 39 2/3 innings from 2010-2012 and also last year after being offered midseason to Stockton, he struggled with his command as he stepped 17 batters in 21 years old innings of work.

Still, Ynoa's explosive fastball combined with a big curveball and sharp changeup gives him or her the potential to become a frontline starter later on.

The A's also optioned outfielder Shane Peterson for you to Triple-A Sacramento and right-handed pitcher Raul Alcantara to Double-A Midland in Monday, leaving 47 participants in camp with the team. caps%20(49).html caps%20(50).html caps%20(51).html caps%20(52).html caps%20(53).html caps%20(54).html eng%20(1).html eng%20(2).html eng%20(3).html eng%20(4).html eng%20(5).html eng%20(6).html eng%20(7).html eng%20(8).html eng%20(11).html eng%20(12).html eng%20(13).html eng%20(14).html eng%20(15).html eng%20(16).html eng%20(17).html eng%20(18).html

SEATTLE -- Two rulings were proved via Major League Baseball's instant-replay course of action Monday night in the Mariners' 7-2 series-opening damage to the Astros at Safeco Field.

Leading from the bottom of the seventh inning with the Mariners trailing, 6-2, Seattle catcher Paul Zunino launched a 2-1 sinker from crusher Chad Qualls into the area above the bleachers about the left-field line. The ball rounded over the foul pole, sailing just foul and clinching in the upper deck.

Third-base umpire Marcus Pattillo initially ruled it foul just before Seattle manager Lloyd McClendon asked for you choose reviewed under Major League Baseball's instant-replay guidelines.

After a short deliberation by which umpires conferred with MLB replay headquarters with New York, the foul-ball ruling has been confirmed. Zunino struck out nudists on the next pitch.

With a single out in the eighth and also Robinson Cano on first, selected hitter Corey Hart hit a floor ball into the gap for the left side of the infield. Austin shortstop Jonathan Villar ranged to his suitable and threw wide in order to second base as a masking Jose Altuve stretched to keep his base on the bag.

Needing only a power, Cano was ruled out before he reached second, though it checked as if Altuve's foot might have are removed the bag. McClendon came out of your dugout and asked for another evaluate. The call was confirmed, and then Justin Smoak struck out to finish the inning. eng%20(21).html eng%20(22).html eng%20(23).html eng%20(24).html eng%20(25).html eng%20(26).html eng%20(27).html eng%20(28).html eng%20(29).html eng%20(30).html eng%20(31).html eng%20(32).html eng%20(33).html eng%20(34).html eng%20(35).html eng%20(36).html eng%20(37).html eng%20(38).html eng%20(39).html eng%20(40).html eng%20(41).html eng%20(42).html eng%20(43).html eng%20(44).html eng%20(45).html eng%20(46).html eng%20(49).html eng%20(50).html eng%20(51).html eng%20(52).html eng%20(53).html eng%20(54).html

ST. LOUIS -- In the course of contributing to every manage the Cardinals scored in a 3-2 conquer the Dodgers on Friday, He Holliday pushed a pair of career bothersome totals to notable circular numbers.

He hit the 400th increase of his career in the first inning, driving in Kolten Wong together with the extra-base hit to center. Holliday attended center again in the fifth, this time pouncing on Dan Haren's error fastball for a two-run homer that visited 435 feet. Holliday finished his jog around the bases by stepping on home plate for the A single,000th time in his career.

"It's cool," Holliday said afterward of the milestone figures. "I've played with many great players who have influenced me in a lot of times. 300 doubles, that just means I've been able to play a long time. I'm blessed that the Lord means me to be healthy ample to play this long to have some numbers like that."

Holliday will be the 18th active player together with at least 400 doubles in addition to 1,000 runs won, joining former Cardinals Albert Pujols and also Carlos Beltran on that list. Friday's double have also been the 25th of this period for Holliday, who has reached in which total in 10 involving his 11 seasons. The only exception was 2005, when he finished with 24.

"He's had a excellent career, no question about it,Inches manager Mike Matheny said. "What I'm really excited about is to enjoy him take off this wife or husband and do what he / she normally does."